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Why choose good quality paint when painting your home

Good quality paint provides a smoother appearance that can end up lasting twice as long as a cheaper paint. You will pay more but the results are great.

Premium paints have better-quality pigments than less-expensive paints. Furthermore quality paint contains finer pigment particles that provide more coverage, which means a richer, more intense color that is truer to the color on the swatch on your initial coats of paint.

High-quality paint is built to endure. It shows less wear over time because it actually resists dirt, which means your kids’ sticky fingerprints won’t be the first thing people notice when they step into your home. Not only that, when fingerprints, scuffs, and more DO end up on the wall, a high-quality paint will clean much easier than the cheap stuff.

At RVSN LTD painters and decorators we will always recommend trade paint. Trade paint offers higher opacity with richer colour pigmentation than retail paint. This means a superior ability to hide the surface that you are painting What is meant by opacity? Opacity is sort of related to the amount of light that can pass through something. In terms of paints and coatings, it refers to the ability of a coat of paint, when applied at a given thickness, to hide the substrate, the wall beneath, or the previous coat of paint from view.

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