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 - Please read these Terms & Conditions Carefully – By Using the services  you are entering into a Contract with RVSN LTD


- References to ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘we’, ‘us’, 'his' & ‘our’ means RVSN LTD. ‘You’, ‘the Client’, ‘the Customer’, ‘your’ means the Person(s), Business or Company who requested RVSN LTD SERVICES. 'both parties' means RVSN LTD  & the Customer.


 - The accepted final quote represents a written contract between both parties for the exact work to be completed at the price quoted.


 - Any agreement made verbally is not covered unless it has been written into the final quote.


- The agreement is made between RVSN LTD and the Client.


 - The Client is identified as the person who requested the quotation.


 - The acceptance of the quote, electronically or by any other means signifies a full acceptance & commitment to accept these terms & conditions.


 - Quick quote request responses are intended as good faith estimates based on interpretation in the absence of a visual site inspection. Guaranteed estimates require a completed site inspection beforehand.


- Scope of Quoted Work


The quotation is not a builder’s survey and RVSN LTD cannot not be held liable for any work which was not included in the accepted written quote.


- Condition of existing Walls and Ceilings


- Unless agreed beforehand, RVSN LTD does not include costs for any unseen or unforeseen repair of plastering beneath papered walls or ceiling surfaces in his quotation. It is assumed plastering is in good condition and is suitable to take Paint or Wallpaper decoration. Similarly, extra costs of any repairs to unseen defects not visible at the time of estimating will be chargeable.


- Quotes are valid for 28 days from the issue date.


- Pre-Existing Damage


- RVSN LTD may take photographs of your property or complete a pre-existing damage report prior to the start of the project. In the unlikely event that RVSN LTD does damage your property you will be covered by OUR insurance for the full amount.

- Completion of the Project


 - It is necessary, the customer must make themselves available on the last day of the project for consultation and final sign-off for the project. In the event that the customer is unavailable, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer accepts that the project has been completed to their satisfaction and payment in full is due.


 - Payment Terms


 - Payment terms are detailed within each quotation.


- A Deposit and ongoing payments may be required to cover up-front paint & material costs & to secure calendar dates agreed prior to the work starting with the balance being due immediately on day of completion.


- Late payments may be subject to a 5% interest charge after 7 days.


- Failure to pay may lead to court proceedings.


 Payment methods


- RVSN LTD  accept Cash or Bank transfers for settlement of your account. 

 - Any issues should be brought to my attention by email within 48 HOURS days of completion of the work.


13 - Paints & Materials


- All necessary paints & materials can be provided by me and will always be of high quality and used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.


- I am unable to guarantee any paints or materials supplied by the customer.


 - Where it is necessary to match existing décor, my work will be carried out with this in mind, using appropriate paints & materials which provide the closest match possible. If an exact match is not possible, the client will be advised.


- Revision to Quotes


 - Any quote or estimate may be subject to revision if there are any changes to the nature or extent of the requested work. This may apply to labour, paint & material costs.


- Damage Liability


 - It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all valuable and/or fragile items, pictures, other wall furniture and electrical items are removed from the rooms / areas that decorating work is to be carried out.


 - Assistance can be provided with the moving and / or removal of curtains, curtain poles, window blinds, bulky furniture items and white goods etc. but this may add to timescale and cost. I reserve the right to decline to move / help move bulky items for health & safety reasons or if the condition or position of certain white goods may incur a greater risk of damage to the item or property.


 - Any items that are unable to be moved / removed will be best covered & protected, but will remain in place at the customers own risk.


- Where bulky items are unable to be moved / moved, customers will accept that painting & decorating work may be affected due to limited access or obstruction.


 - Where items cannot be protected or covered effectively, but could easily have been removed, I may request that they are removed before work commences. The customer accepts I cannot be held liable for any damage to such items if they choose not to remove them after such a request.


17 - Exterior Ground Access


- During external painting & decorating work, WE may require access over a patio, lawned or planted garden area. Although I will endeavor to be as careful as possible, the use of ladders, planks or any other access equipment and the process of work may cause temporary damage to delicate areas.


18 - Vehicle Parking & Accessibility


- If there are parking restrictions immediately outside or surrounding the work site, I may request temporary use of the customer’s driveway or designated parking space if available. Alternatively, the customer will reimburse any compulsory private / council car parking meter charges incurred.


 - Road closures, access & pavement parking licenses if required remain the responsibility of the customer and are to be arranged & paid for by the customer.


 - Asbestos


We  will not decorate any surface that I have good reason to suspect is asbestos.


 - The removal of asbestos if required by the customer is to be completed by a suitable qualified specialist.


- Any resulting timescale delays in completing the work will be at the customers additional cost.


20 - Tools, Paints & Material Storage


We may on occasion request that ladders, paints & materials etc be left on site overnight.


20.2 - Where a request is made we  will ensure that they are left in a safe & tidy state where possible.


20.3 - Clients reserve the right to decline such requests on the proviso that financial cost of any loss or damage to tools while left on site may be charged to the customer.


21 - Services


- Customers will be expected to provide electrical power, heating (in cold weather conditions), running water and clean toilet facilities where reasonably possible.


22 - External & Third Party Charges


22.1 - Access, hire & plant equipment supplied by others for use and any associated costs will be invoiced by RVSN  as detailed in the final quotation.


23 - Force Majeure


23.1 - Some projects can over run due to reasons outside my control. I reserve the right to postpone the start of work giving a minimum 24 hours’ notice. However I will endeavor to provide as much notice as possible.


23.2 - Should a delay occur I will do my best to agree an alternative start date as close as possible to the original.


23.3 - In the event of such a delay I will not accept any costs, charges or penalties.


24 - Mother Nature


 On external paintwork work the customer will accept possibility of some paint contamination through seasonal windblown plant leaves, insects & environmental fallout etc as unavoidable.


- Customers will accept delays resulting through poor weather conditions.


25 - Cancellation


25.1 - Customers named within the accepted quotation or instruction have the right to cancel the work at any time prior to the start date, but they will loose their deposit. If cancellation is less than 3 working days notice the full amount of quote will have to be paid.


 Only in the event the work is postponed to another mutually acceptable date will any late cancellation charges be waivered.


25.5 - Decision to cancel or reduce late cancellation charges for any other reason will solely be at the discretion ofRVSN LTD


26 - Termination of Services


26.1 - RVSN LTD reserves the right to terminate all services without notice or liability in the event of a breach of contract or if health & safety protocols consistently fail to be observed.


26.2 - In such circumstance  rvsn ltd will invoice for all paints & materials used & work completed up to the point of termination.


We provide quality workmanship but do not offer a ongoing guarantee once the work is completed.  

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